Sydney East & C.B.D.

$72 – $85 per hour – Services include: One on One Personal training, small group sessions and Boot Camps. Outdoor trainer specializing in weight loss. Click for a two week trial.


Sydney East & C.B.D.

$15-$80 p/h. Packages available. Services include personal training and boot camps. I love training my clients outdoors and will come to your home, local beach or park.



Please contact the Sydney personal trainer of your choice
via the enquiry button located within each trainer description.


Photo of Aaron
Location: CBD, Eastern suburbs, St George.

Qualifications: Kettlebell, punchfit, cert 3, 4 rip 60 suspension. Bachelor in sports education.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday.

Rates: From $75/ session

Services: Personal training, boot-camps, nutrition, mums and bubs.

Specializes In: weight loss, strength gain, muscle gain, and cardiovascular improvement.

Training Method: Mobile training. Indoor and outdoor training. Beach and park training. Tailored sessions.

What Can I Do For You:
Whether you would like to … flatten your stomach, fit back into your jeans, lose weight or just feel great - I will do everything possible to help transform your body. I love fitness and will be there to guide, motivate and encourage you until your health and fitness goals are reached. If you would like a FREE no obligation consultation and trial session to discuss how I will help you please enquire below.

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Photo of Beau Seeto
Beau Seeto
Location: North Shore, Crows Nest

Qualifications: Certificate III/IV in Fitness, Certified in Rehab, Core and Pelvis Workshop, Fascia and Foam Roller Wkshop, Advanced Swiss Ball Wkshop,

Hours of Operation: 6am-7pm Mon-Fri and Sat 7am-12pm by appointment

Rates: $85 once a wk, $80 twice a wk, $75 three times a wk

Services: Rehabilitation, Core stability exercises, Toning, Kickboxing, Post and Pre Natal Exercises, Schulman Therapy, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain and Strengthening,

Specializes In: Personal training 1 on 1 and groups, rehabilitation, weight loss/gain, toning, kickboxing

Training Method: Boutique Studio-trx, boxing, weights, cardio, kettlebells

What Can I Do For You:
Success has one calculation formula. Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities and allow me to change your life. I have been personal training for 15 years and I have changed peoples lives, I have helped them live longer and pain free. I love what I do because I'm passionate about helping people. I love challenges, so if you are willing to take the first step - let's do it!

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Photo of Carine
Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Qualifications: CIV in Personal Training, Punchfit Certified, Certificate of Nutrition

Hours of Operation: Mon to Sat

Rates: $70/hour (1-on-1), group rates also available

Services: One on one personal training, small group training, boxing

Specializes In: Muscle toning, weight loss, general health and fitness

Training Method: Resistance weight training, boxing, cardiovascular training, indoor and/or outdoor training

What Can I Do For You:
Whatever your goal, whether it be toning up, losing those extra kgs, or simply improving your quality of life, I want to help you get there. A few hours a week is a small amount of time to look after number one - YOU!

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Photo of Dan
Location: CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West

Qualifications: CIV Personal Training, CIV Sports Coaching, Diploma in P.T, Kung Fu Instructor

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri.

Rates: $85 p/h, packages available

Services: Personal Training 1on1 - Fat loss specialist, Groups, Boot Camps

Specializes In: Weight loss, muscle gain, functional strength, body toning/sculting & general fitness

Training Method: Outdoor using Kettlebells, dumbbells bodyweight exercises, sand bags, med-balls, olympic rings, boxing/martial arts

What Can I Do For You:
Your fitness program begins with setting you achievable goals and timeframes, you will then have a nutrition & exercise plan that is specifically catered to you. Your training will be assessed on a regular basis to measure your results and program accordingly. You will be guided towards a healthier lifestyle and be educated on making the right choices in exercise and nutrition. Your fitness results are guaranteed! Contact me today for a free trial session.

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Photo of Daniela
Location: Northern Beaches

Qualifications: Bachelor Food Science, Master Trainer (CIII,IV AIF),Punch Boxing Instructor, Martial Arts (Shotokan Karate), State Swimmer,

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri

Rates: Group Training $20-25/session, Personal training $70/(45 min session), packages avail.

Services: One on one Personal Training, Small Group Training, Aquaerobics/swimming Sessions.

Specializes In: Weight loss, Pre/post natal,older adults training, swimming stroke correction

Training Method: Weights, circuits, martial arts for fitness, boxing,cardio, swimming,aqua exercises

What Can I Do For You:
As a Personal Trainer, my objective is to give you the knowledge and necessary tools to live a healthy lifestyle, as a busy mother and wife I understand the physical demands of work, family and friends. Wheter you want to lose 5 or 50 kg, I will be there every step of the journey. I can help you feel stronger,faster and better than you ever thought possible!

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Photo of Helen
Location: South Western Suburbs, Western Suburbs, St George

Qualifications: Personal Trainer, Registered Fitness Professional, Nationally Accredited, Mini Moves Instructor, Senior First Aid

Hours of Operation: Flexible

Rates: From $75 per session

Services:  1 on 1, Outdoor, Small Group training, Boot Camp, Kids Programs, Older Adults

Specializes In: Weight Loss, Fitness & Toning, Kids, core & resistance training, high energy, stress reduction

Training Method: Holistic approach, Individualised Results-Based Training, Circuits, Outdoor, cardio boxing

What Can I Do For You:
I am passionate about fitness and take a holistic approach to through body, mind and soul. I specialise in outdoor training, nutrition, strength, body resistance incorporating elements of cross fit, yoga and pilates. I will motivate, guide and assist you to make the right fitness and nutritional decisions and will push you through varied, challenging and fun workouts.

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Photo of Jacki Down
Jacki Down
Location: Glenwood, Blacktown, Prospect, Ropes Crossing, St Marys, Seven Hills

Qualifications: Certificate 3 and 4 Fitness, Boxing instructor, Rehabilitation Certificate, Postural Analysis, Children's Training

Hours of Operation: 5am - 9pm Mon - Fri, 6am - 2pm Sat

Rates: From $12 - $70 per person

Services: One - on - One, Boot Camp, Small Groups, Mums and Bubs Classes, Boxing Classes, Rehabilitation and Postural Analysis, Strength and Conditioning

Specializes In: Weight Loss, Boxing, Small Groups, Mums and Bubs, Sporting Team and Strength and Conditioning

Training Method: Mobile personal training, outdoors or at your house. And access to a comprehensive Personal Training Studio.

What Can I Do For You:
Project Personal Training is focused on creating happy customers, getting great results, and we work for you. We set your goals together and take the journey to achieve those together. You are never alone in your adventure. Your goals are tracked and monitored and sessions and nutritional advice is built around those goals and getting you to them the quickest way possible. All whilst having a little fun and some laughs along the way. We provide a very social environment with lots of things always going on, and plenty for you to learn and conquer. Let's begin your journey.

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Photo of James
Location: Northern Beaches

Qualifications: Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Management, Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Level 1 Crank-It Fitness Straps Coach, Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Level 1 Exercise Professional-Fitness Australia

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 5:00am - 9:00pm Saturday-Sunday 6:00am - 12:00pm

Rates: One on One From $79.95, Small Group From $15pp, Fitness Testing From $70

Services: Come to you personal training, Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning, Outdoor Fitness Training, Small group Training, Mobile Fitness Testing

Specializes In: A variety of Outdoor training methods, High intensity circuit training, Sport Specific Conditioning, Boxing, Effective and sustainable weight loss, Body Transformation.

Training Method: Outdoor at the beach or park or in the comfort of your own home, I am here to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

What Can I Do For You:
I wont promise you anything i cant deliver. If you want results i will be there to help you to achieve them and give you the knowledge and tools to continue reaching your potential. I will work with you closely to ensure you reach your goals, whether it be to lose 5kg, run faster, ju! mp highe r or put on that lean muscle mass. I will help you create that body you want. With extensive experience in the industry J-Train only employs the best exercise professionals who have spent years mastering their skills to help you. Add J-Train Personal Training on Facebook to check our monthly Specials!!

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Photo of Johnny
Location: Eastern Suburbs / CBD

Qualifications: Australian Army Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for five years, Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness (specializing in PT), Cert IV Massage Therapy (specializing in Fitness and Sport), First Aid & CPR.

Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat

Rates: From $81 (packages available)

Services: Personal Training, Boot Camp, Massgae Therapy, Specific Event Training.

Specializes In: Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Endurance

Training Method: Outdoor Training, Circuit Training, Functional, Motivational & Results based Training.

What Can I Do For You:
Health and Fitness is not just my career choice. It is my passion, my addiction, my life. After five years as a fitness instructor in the Australian Army I decided to take my love for fitness to a more rewarding environment where I can help people achieve their optimum quality of life.

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Photo of Karmyn Gibson
Karmyn Gibson
Location: St George, Sutherland Shire (Kogarah Bay own gym).

Qualifications: Cert III & Cert IV Personal Training

Hours of Operation: Flexible

Rates: 65 p/h group rates 1-2 people 40 p/h , group rates and pacs available.

Services: Personal Training

Specializes In: Female Fitness, Weight loss, Strength,Conditioning training, Core Strength, Muscle gains, Rehab, functional fitness, Competiton preparation fitness/bodybuilding, Body Shaping, choreography.

Training Method: Fully equipped gym

What Can I Do For You:
Need Motivation and Results. Own fully equipped gym with Cardio and Vibro-gym . Programs designed to get you results without the stress of overtraining. Female fitness specialist with over 20 plus years in the industry . Body Shaping champion with over 10 titles. Cardio, Boxing, Pilates , Weight training and more . Having trained many different people ranging from models to mums to body builders to special needs let me help you achieve those results you want!

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Photo of Katie Eileen Ingham
Katie Eileen Ingham
Location: Sutherland Shire, Gymea Bay Fitness Studio (Membership is not required to undertake personal training in this gym)

Qualifications: Cert III and IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR, Older Adults and Childrens Trainer and am also a Qualified Cycle Instructor

Hours of Operation: All (Flexible)

Rates: From $35 (Prices depend on exactly what you're after. I can be flexible... so please don't be afraid to ask)

Services: Personal Training, Group Training, Nutritional Coaching

Specializes In: Weight Loss and Nutritional Coaching

Training Method: I adapt my training method to meet your individual goals and needs. With an entire gym at our disposal clients will work with a variety of strength and conditioning equipment, cardiovascular equipment, their own bodyweight, medicine balls, boxing equipmen

What Can I Do For You:
Helping my clients to achieve the goals they have set for themselves is my PASSION in life... the reason I get up in the morning. If you're looking for a trainer to be your one stop source of accountability, motivation and health and fitness knowledge then read on. The pre-planned workouts are designed specifically for your body type and intended to achieve your desired outcome... whether it be weight loss, toning, improved fitness... Results are GARANTEED!!! For more information on rates please feel free to contact me on 0435 032 348.

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Photo of Kostya
Location: CBD

Qualifications: Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching (Levels 1 & 2), Byron Yoga Centre, First Aid Certificate, PCYC Institute

Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat

Rates: $75 - $85 p/h

Services: Yoga

Specializes In: Yoga

Training Method: Outdoors - I'll come to you.

What Can I Do For You:
I am passionate about yoga & I like to share with people my love and my experience of it. Here are a few reasons to do yoga: Yoga asanas use every muscle in the body, increasing strength literally from head to toe. A regular yoga practice can relieve muscular tension throughout the whole body. Yoga can improve flexibility & mobility & increase range of motion. Yoga practices helps support weight loss. The meditative effects of a consistent yoga practice help many cultivate inner peace and calm These are just a few reasons why you should step onto a mat with me. See you in class.

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Photo of Lisa
Location: CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West

Qualifications: B.A.(Ed)Phys Ed degree,Master Trainer(CIII, IV), Children’s Trainer, Punch and Kick Pad Instructor, Sports Coaching.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat

Rates: $85 per session; $40 p/wk unlimited group sessions

Services: Personal Training 1-1, Groups, Fat Loss Specialist.

Specializes In: Fat Loss & Muscle Tone, High Energy Workouts, 12 week body transformations.

Training Method: Boxing, weights, circuits, cardio, fun fitness games.

What Can I Do For You:
I am a passionate trainer that gets a kick out of motivating my clients to achieve their fitness and health goals. I have helped people transform their bodies and watched how this has had a positive impact on other areas of their lives. My sessions are demanding and challenging but achievable and fun, I get results. Having been overweight as a teenager I have empathy with kids that struggle in this area.

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Photo of Mitch
Location: Inner West

Qualifications: Diploma of Fitness (Fitness Specialist) Certificate 4 Fitness (Personal Trainer) Certificate 3 Fitness (Fitness Instructor) Crossfit Level 1 Crossfit Gymnastics Level 1 Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri

Rates: $20-$80 p/h Packages Available

Services: Personal Training 1on1, Couple/ Buddy Training, Groups, Women's Only Groups

Specializes In: Fat Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, Nutrition and Sports Specific Training

Training Method: Mobile Outdoor training at a location that best suits you. Goal and Results Driven

What Can I Do For You:
I am committed to tailoring outdoor training to the needs, wants and goals of the individual. We use a variety of fun and challenging training methods. Sessions are varied to avoid plateaus and loss of motivation. Training gear kettlebells, boxing, sleds, dumbbells, barbells, power bands, abmats, rings as well as mobility tools to guarantee results and maintain functionality.

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Photo of Nardia
Location: CBD

Qualifications: Bachelor P.E, Diploma Massage Therapy, CIV Master Trainer, Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1, Exercise Coach, Boxing Instructor, Kettle bell Instructor, Fundamental and Intermediate Pilates; Over 10 years PT experience!

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat

Rates: $85 per session; $40 p/wk unlimited group sessions

Services: One on One Personal Training, Yoga, Groups, Wellness seminars and Education

Specializes In: Holistic lifestyle coaching, Functional strength & fitness, Weight Loss/Gain,X-Fit, Boxing

Training Method: Outdoor/In house training

What Can I Do For You:
10 years industry experience means I develop effective and exciting training systems that ensure your goals are met. No matter what level you are at - an absolute beginner or a hard-core athlete, I will tailor sessions in order to bring out the most in you. You will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you see, feel and experience your goals being achieved!

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Photo of Richie
Location: CBD, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore

Qualifications: Certified Martial Arts Instructor - 15 years experience.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat.

Rates: $85p/h, packages available.

Services:  Self defence, Kung Fu, MMA Fitness Training

Specializes In: Martial Arts

Training Method: Outdoor training using a combination of martial arts and bodyweight training

What Can I Do For You:
I specialise in cardoivascular fitness and self defence using a combination of Kung Fu, boxing and Tae Kwon Do. I like to make exercise tough but fun! Not only will you get into great shape but you'll learn how to defend for yourself.

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Photo of Rob
Location: CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore

Qualifications: PGCE Phys Ed (11 yrs), Master Trainer (CIII & IV), Boxing Instructor, Kids Trainer, Sports & Fitness Coach

Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat

Rates: $25 - $80 p/h, packages available

Services: Indoor (studio gym) & outdoor personal training, group, family & children

Specializes In: Fat loss, muscle tone, functional strength, high intensity workouts, body transformations & distance running (marathons)

Training Method: Indoor & outdoor, TRX, dumbbells, bodyweight, balance, boxing & kickboxing, circuits & fun challenges

What Can I Do For You:
I have always had a passion for working with others & feel no greater sense of fulfilment than seeing someone having fun, getting fit & achieving their goals. It is my aim to help you to fulfil your personal targets through stimulating activities, tailored to your ability, needs & interests. I provide a personalised service guaranteeing you an invigorating & uplifting experience that will leave you eager for more.

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Photo of Sarah H.
Sarah H.
Location: North Western Suburbs & Hills District

Qualifications: Cert III, Cert IV Master Personal Trainer, Boxing, Kickboxing

Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat

Rates: $75/hour $55/45min

Services:  Personal Training 1-1, Small Group Fitness

Specializes In: Weight loss, Toning, Cardio Fitness, Nutritional advice, Pre & Post Pregnancy

Training Method: Mobile - at your home or local park

What Can I Do For You:
I believe in making fitness fun and keeping sessions challenging, I have the knowledge and experience to help you set and achieve your goals whether it be weight loss, increasing your fitness, toning up or generally feeling good and looking better. Please check out my website for more details.

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Photo of Steve
Location: Northern Beaches.

Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid

Hours of Operation: 5am - 9pm Mon- Fri, 6-12pm Sat

Rates: 1 hr PT = $65, Group sessions = $15

Services: One on one, group circuits, outdoor group training, bootcamp

Specializes In: Weight loss, toning, increase fitness, muscle gain, triathlon training

Training Method: Studio weights and circuit programs, spin classes, boxing, boot camp, weight loss programs

What Can I Do For You:
Weight loss, muscle gain, strength & conditioning, and improving fitness can all be done in your own private studio. My studio incorporates the indoors with the outdoors; spin classes held indoors or outdoors, Boot Camp on the lawn, weights training indoors and abs & cool down on a dedicated outdoor deck. Passionate about training, my sessions are fun, challenging and guarantee results.

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Photo of Trent
Location: New gym now open @ Suite 2, 72 Parthenia Rd, Dolans Bay (Personal Training in a gym without a membership required)

Qualifications: CIII CIV Personal Trainer, Lv 1 Sports trainer, Special pop (older & children) CHISM, Pre-rec Paul Chek, Lv 1 strength & conditioning coach, Small business mgmt.

Hours of Operation: All (flexible)

Rates: 1:1 From $50, 1:2 From $40 / person

Services: Personal Training, Small Group Fitness, Online Nutrition and Exercise Programs

Specializes In: Boot camp, kids, Pre and Post natal, work with osteopath and nutritionist

Training Method: Personal, fun & enjoyable yet motivational & tough enough to achieve all results

What Can I Do For You:
Whilst enjoying exercising, you will achieve your goals in the shortest possible way through personal training techniques you've never experienced before! I pride my training on you achieving results with professionalism, enjoyable training. once you sign up, it'll be an experience in which you'll never look back ever again. Contact for all products, services and pricing.

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Zoe Stewart

What Can I Do For You:

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7 Tips For Hiring A Sydney Personal Trainer

There are many great reasons for hiring a personal trainer, after all what better investment to make than in your own health. But before getting started there are 7 questions you should ask your Sydney personal trainer.
Follow this step-by-step process…
1. Registered, insured and qualified: Your Sydney personal trainer should be certified by a reputable association who rigorously test their students, they should hold a certificate 4 in personal training or a university degree. Your personal trainer should have liability insurance cover up to 10 million and be registered with Fitness Australia.

2. Consultation: Does your personal trainer look the part? Let’s be honest, your Sydney personal trainer should be in good shape. If they can’t motivate themselves and live by what they preach how will they motivate you? Also do your personalities match? It’s important to find a personal trainer you feel comfortable with otherwise you’ll unlikely stick with the program.

3. Determine goals and timeframes: Your personal trainer should help you determine your fitness goals and set you realistic timeframes to achieve them by. Whether it’s to lose a few kilos or to run a marathon your Sydney personal trainer should set out a set by step plan for you to follow and leave nothing to chance. Every time you reach your goal, a new set of goals and timeframes should be set.

4. Testimonials: Ask your Sydney personal trainer for case studies from past clients, most personal training companies will have before and after pictures on their websites.

5. Fitness test and analysis: To evaluate your current level of fitness and to uncover any potential health issues your Sydney personal trainer should perform a thorough fitness test and health analysis. This should be repeated on a regular basis as tool to monitor your progress.

6. Nutrition plans: Every personal trainer knows that nutrition accounts for approximately 70-80% of any weight loss program, if they don’t have an effective nutrition blueprint for you to follow you will only achieve 20-30% of your possible results. A reputable Sydney personal trainer or fitness company should provide you with all the necessary tools to take the guesswork out of getting your diet right.

7. Where, when and how much: Most Sydney personal trainers will come and meet you in your home or local park. Establish a time that is convenient and agree upon a fixed rate. It’s not always advisable to go with the cheapest option, after all you get what you pay for and if a more expensive trainer can get you better results in half the time it may work out cheaper in the long run.