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Health is wealth but ever wondered how much do you invest in creating or maintaining this wealth? You have your job, family, holidays etc. to take care of but do you believe you can do it without the fortune of good health? There are 24 hours for everyone in the world, some utilize every second of it while others make excuses for every second lost. Keeping fit should be the top priority. If you cannot do it alone, hire a personal trainer Maroubra.

Lack of time is the number one excuse most people give for skipping exercise. In most cases, it is a case of what I call busy-without-business syndrome. If you plan your schedule in advance with daily exercise as priority, I am sure you can make time for it.

By getting up early, you can do your physical exercise and get it out of the way. It lifts your spirits and energy for the challenges ahead during the day.

You may find yourself lurching around not knowing where to begin. A personal trainer Maroubra can be of great assistance in designing a time-bound fitness schedule for you.

Buy some home workout equipment. A set of adjustable dumbbells and resistance belts at home will help you save the commuting time to a gym. Even after late office hours you can hit your own personal gym at home and you also save the expenses of a fancy gym.

If you are not the kind who likes to do dedicated weights, you can still exercise while going through your daily routine.

1.      Take a walk instead of a car while running errands.

2.      Count the stairs you run up and down instead of counting seconds waiting for the elevator.

3.      Get off the bus or taxi a stop away from your home or office and take a walk. It will help you in settling down your thoughts along with giving you a light cardio workout.

4.      Learn simple yoga exercises that can be easily done during the day.  It is of great use for those of you who are in sedentary jobs to get the blood circulation going in those limbs. You can learn it from a personal trainer Maroubra.

5.      Do not shy away from doing household chores that require physical activity. Do the laundry, mow the lawn, wash the car, walk the dog, play with kids.

If none of the above excites you enough, just put on the music and unwind. Dancing is therapeutic, try it to believe it and guess what, you don’t even need to have a personal trainer Maroubra for it.

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