Boot Camp Balmoral Beach

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Location: CBD, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore

Qualifications: Certified Martial Arts Instructor - 15 years experience.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat.

Rates: $85p/h, packages available.

Services: ┬áSelf defence, Kung Fu, MMA Fitness Training

Specializes In: Martial Arts

Training Method: Outdoor training using a combination of martial arts and bodyweight training

What Can I Do For You:
I specialise in cardoivascular fitness and self defence using a combination of Kung Fu, boxing and Tae Kwon Do. I like to make exercise tough but fun! Not only will you get into great shape but you'll learn how to defend for yourself.

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Balmoral Beach boot camps incorporate interesting calorie burners in their programs. However some of them can be very challenging. Before joining a Balmoral Beach boot camp for weight loss, you need to be mentally prepared.

The regimes can be pretty rigorous and trying although you have the encouragement of other participants at hand. If you are low on confidence you can hire a Sydney personal trainer instead, and enhance your fitness levels under his guidance before joining a Balmoral Beach bootcamp.

Intense as it is, a bootcamp in Balmoral Beach yields superb results. You can select one that suits your level of intensity. Some of the exercises incorporated in a Balmoral Beach boot camp are ideal to challenge your endurance levels and strength apart from being excellent calorie burners.

First is the squat-thrust. You need to stand straight and then squat down with your hands on the ground, next to your feet. You need to take a leap backwards and get into the push-up position. Jump back and stand up immediately, to complete the cycle. An experienced bootcamp Balmoral Beach instructor will ask you to repeat it 10 times, take a short break and attempt 10 more squat-thrusts.

The second exercise routine is Plyo-Jacks which is quite like slow jumping jacks. You need to start with your feet together, and then take a power jump encircling your arms over your head and get into the squat position. Rise and jump back bringing your feet together encircling your arms back. Continue for about a minute.

Your Balmoral Beach boot camp program might also include the walking lunge. You can use hold weights in both hands and bend both your knees at a 90 degree angle. Put your right leg forward initially. Start lunging forward with your left leg and continue as long as you are comfortable.

Other exercises that help burn calories include slow pushups. Start with your pushups against an exercise ball, after 4 regular pushups hold the position for the 5th one and stay like that till you count four. Repeat the cycle again.

Another one is the wall sit with chest squeeze. You need to keep a medicine ball in between your palms and squeeze it as you slide your back against the wall, getting into a sitting position. Perform chest squeezes in this position for half to one minute and stand up.

A warm up and cool down session is mandatory along with these set of exercises. Make use of the valuable guidance provided by your Balmoral Beach boot camp instructor.

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