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7 Tips For Hiring A Personal Trainer

There are many great reasons for hiring a personal trainer, after all what better investment to make than in your own health. But before getting started there are 7 questions you should ask your Sydney personal trainer.

Follow this step-by-step process…

1. Registered, insured and qualified: Your Sydney personal trainer should be certified by a reputable association who rigorously test their students, they should hold a certificate 4 in personal training or a university degree. Your personal trainer should have liability insurance cover up to 10 million and be registered with Fitness Australia.

2. Consultation: Does your personal trainer look the part? Let’s be honest, your Sydney personal trainer should be in good shape. If they can’t motivate themselves and live by what they preach how will they motivate you? Also do your personalities match? It’s important to find a personal trainer you feel comfortable with otherwise you’ll unlikely stick with the program.

3. Determine goals and timeframes:
Your personal trainer should help you determine your fitness goals and set you realistic timeframes to achieve them by. Whether it’s to lose a few kilos or to run a marathon your Sydney personal trainer should set out a set by step plan for you to follow and leave nothing to chance. Every time you reach your goal, a new set of goals and timeframes should be set.

4. Testimonials: Ask your Sydney personal trainer for case studies from past clients, most personal training companies will have before and after pictures on their websites.

5. Fitness test and analysis: To evaluate your current level of fitness and to uncover any potential health issues your Sydney personal trainer should perform a thorough fitness test and health analysis. This should be repeated on a regular basis as tool to monitor your progress.

6. Nutrition plans: Every personal trainer knows that nutrition accounts for approximately 70-80% of any weight loss program, if they don’t have an effective nutrition blueprint for you to follow you will only achieve 20-30% of your possible results. A reputable Sydney personal trainer or fitness company should provide you with all the necessary tools to take the guesswork out of getting your diet right.

7. Where, when and how much: Most Sydney personal trainers will come and meet you in your home or local park. Establish a time that is convenient and agree upon a fixed rate. It’s not always advisable to go with the cheapest option, after all you get what you pay for and if a more expensive trainer can get you better results in half the time it may work out cheaper in the long run.

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