Nutrition and Fitness Tips

Fitness - Nutrition Tip # 1

Unless you are eating 100% organic produce 1 in 3 of all the foods you eat contain traces of pesticides. These cause all sorts of problems, from depression to Parkinson’s disease.

Washing produce with water does little to eliminate pesticides as most are formulated to resist being washed off by rain and watering.

So eat organic whenever possible! Peel and wash fruit and veg thoroughly. Add 1 tspn of vinegar to sink or bowl of water and soak, this will leach all pesticides. 

Fitness - Nutrition Tip # 2

A good way of assessing your fitness is to measure your pulse first thing in the morning. As you become fitter your pulse decreases. Many top athletes take their pulse first thing in the morning, if their pulse is 10 beats per minute higher than average, they take the day off.

An increased heart rate might be an early indication that the immune system is under stress. It could signal the beginning of a cold or infection or it might  mean the body has not fully recovered from the previous day's training. In these cases exercising may do more harm than good.

Fitness - Nutrition Tip # 3

Did you know that it is estimated that a 70 kg person who walks 2.5 miles in an hour will burn approximately 210 calories.

Fitness - Nutrition Tip # 4

Do you think you're fit? Try skipping.   There's no excuse for not having the time to train, if you're in a rush try skipping for 10 minutes.   

Skipping for 10 minutes burns the same amount of calories as doing 30 minutes of jogging.

An 80kg man can burn 225 calories in just 15 minutes, skipping will get your heart rate pounding.  

You can mix up your cardio program and add skipping to your routine, doing rounds of skipping between strength exercises will burn far more calories than resting between exercises.  

Skipping will improve your general fitness and will give your legs, butt, forearms, upper arms and shoulders a great workout.  

There's no need to waist thousands of dollars on expensive treadmills. A jump rope will set you back $10 and give you one intense workout.  

Here are a couple of basic skipping exercises to get you started;  

Garden Variety Jump  

Holding a handle in each hand, stand just in front of the centre of the rope, which should be hanging down beside you.

A. Swing the rope over your head, using your wrists to propel it.  

B. Jump as it approaches your toes. You should hop up only about 1 inch.  

Front Cross  

A. Swing the rope normally until it's at it's high point over your head.  

B. As the rope swings down in front of you, cross the rope handles horizontally in front of you.  

Your arms should cross at roughly hip level, leap over the rope as it hits the ground.  

C. Keep your arms crossed as you continue to swing the rope up over your back until it reaches the high point over your head again.  

D. Un-cross your arms on the down swing and jump the rope again as it hits the ground.  

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