Personal Trainer Courses Australia

The fitness industry in Australia is currently undergoing a boom in terms of growth and there is a huge need for many experienced and qualified personal fitness trainers, massage therapists, managers and group instructors. If you love fitness and wish to get paid for doing something that you love, you can enrol in any of the many personal trainer courses Australia and get a job.

What are the Options?

There are many options when it comes to studying personal trainer courses Australia. You can choose from a wide variety of courses ideal for different industries and environments. Personal trainer courses Australia can encompass anything and everything from training in Pilates and yoga to hydro exercises, boot camp instruction, personal or group fitness training, sports fitness training and injury rehab trainer.

Group Exercise Leader

Being a group exercise leader can be very fun and rewarding and you will find plenty of employment opportunities in holiday resorts, hotels, schools, community halls, health clubs, fitness centres and of course in gyms. As you can understand from the name itself, group exercise leaders earn their expertise in teaching fitness skills to a group.

This is usually a certification course, is affordable and quick to complete and enables you to teach a class of participants all at once.

Massage Therapist

Being a personal fitness trainer plus a massage therapist can boost your income like nothing else. If you earn a double expertise in fitness training and massage therapy, you can find lots of employment opportunities in leisure industries, professional sports and resort markets.

This course will teach you everything about fitness conditioning and exercise science along with sport nutrition, health nutrition, disease states, contraindications, physiology, anatomy, cold therapy, heat therapy, sports massage, relaxation massage, trigger point techniques, deep tissue massage and sports stretching.

Fitness Business

If your aim is to own and run a fitness business such as your own fitness studio or gym, you should pursue a comprehensive fitness business course along with traditional personal trainer courses Australia. This course will teach you the A to Z about successfully running a fitness business and how to gain a competitive advantage in your related market. You can be your own boss and apply the skills you have learned in your own fitness business.

 Aqua Fitness Instructor

This is a highly in demand job in the therapy, sport and deconditioned markets. This standalone course will teach you everything about modification techniques for exercises (to make them suitable for all kinds of participants), pool environment communication, shallow and deep training, exercise selection, water mechanics and fitness fundamentals. You can either top your graduate or master’s programme with this course or pursue it on your own along with other suitable fitness courses.

Gym Instructor

If you are aiming to become a Sydney personal fitness trainer and wish to work in gyms, you must undertake a fitness course that will teach you the essentials of circuit training, cardiovascular training, strength training, instructional techniques for different kinds of exercises and various kinds of typical gym activities.

Master Trainer/Personal Trainer

This is the most highly sought after, accredited and recognised fitness course offered by fitness institutes in Australia. This comprehensive course will cover everything you need to know to become a certified and qualified fitness instructor in Australia.

How to Choose a Course?

You can choose from online and offline, face to face personal trainer courses Australia. There are many public and private institutes and universities which offer personal trainer courses Australia. Some of them are good while others are a waste of time and money.

You should always choose an accredited and industry recognised course that is offered by a reputable, accredited and recognised institute with national or international affiliation. Online courses are distance learning courses that are much more affordable than traditional campus courses. Online courses are more suitable for candidates living in remote areas.


To increase your credibility and to boost employment opportunities, you should first pursue a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in fitness training, sports conditioning, exercise science, physiotherapy, physical training, sports science, fitness and exercise, sports medicine or any other such related field.

Then you should top that up with the necessary personal trainer courses Australia that will make you a specialist in your field. You can even obtain super specialisation in disciplines such as geriatric training, post-partum training, training kids or pregnant women, martial arts or aikido tai chi training, boot camp training and other such certification courses that will increase your employment opportunities and enhance your earning abilities.

Internationally recognised and accredited personal trainer courses Australia will enable you to work both nationally and internationally, in some of the most splendid locations in or outside Australia.


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