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Outdoor Group Personal Training St Ives

Published on December 29, 2011 By blogger

Ideas to Stay Inspired to Stay Fit


Lot of people go through life battling the various pitfalls and gloating on the advantages. But success lies in not accepting defeat but seeking inspiration in defeating the pitfalls to emerge successful.


In order to stay fit, you have to indulge in some form of physical activity every day.  Outdoor group personal training St Ives offers various options for people who want to stay fit. But you have to allocate a definite time for it lest you postpone it or ignore it to do other important works. The time you allocate for physical training should be religiously used only for training and nothing else. This way you will not postpone or give up workouts. Exercising can be initially taxing and painful. But remember that the muscle soreness and tiredness is only temporary, which will disappear within a week’s time. Ensure that you do not give up on your workouts for any reasons.


Workouts help you to achieve a well-toned and healthy body, strong muscles and a stress free life. Why will you trade this outcome for anything else? Being lazy, laid back, fat and non-flexible is very easy. But if people continue with this pattern they will land up with diseases, brittle bones, loose muscles and a stress filled life.


A good session of exercising every day releases hormones called endorphins which are known to alleviate stress and mood swings. So, to enjoy the benefits of workouts, stick on to your workout schedule. At outdoor group personal training St Ives, the personal trainers ensure that you stay inspired to come for workouts every day. The exercises are custom made for you taking your body’s limitations into consideration. The personal trainers encourage you to perform different exercises that are challenging to keep boredom at bay.

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Outdoor Fitness St Ives

Published on December 20, 2011 By blogger

Top Three Signs of Overtraining

Training to get a well- muscled and toned body is very good but overtraining can lead to dangerous consequences. The body keeps giving signals about its endurance levels and if you are attentive, you will recognize the signals and act accordingly. Your trainer at Outdoor Fitness St Ives will guide you to systematically reduce weight while toning the muscles. You may experience muscle soreness and joint pain initially but they will disappear in a weeks’ time. But you should be able to recognize this pain from the pain of overtraining. If you are tuned into your body you will be able to do it with ease. Some of the signs of overtraining are:

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Personal Trainer St Ives

Published on August 6, 2010 By blogger

Ankle injuries are most common amongst runners. Since runners need strong ankles to perform, ankle injuries can be extremely painful if not dealt with proper care and attention. One must not wait to treat their ankles until an injury strikes. Personal trainers in St. Ives Sydney personal trainers specialize in training each muscle of the body and to ensure that you have a strong set of ankle muscles you need to get the expertise of a St. Ives personal trainer to your routine. can ensure that runners maintain strong ankles always by exercising their ankle muscles appropriately from time to time.

Discussed below are a few ankle strengthening exercises, but you must not take on these routines by independently and only trust an expert St. Ives personal trainer to guide you. Read more on Personal Trainer St Ives…

Boot Camp St Ives

Published on August 6, 2010 By blogger

Eating health and regular physical activity are a must if you want to lose weight. Well, if the solution to weight loss is so easy, why do people face so much difficulty in losing weight? One of the main reasons why people are unsuccessful is because of lack of motivation. Boot camps in St. Ives thrive on motivation when it comes to weight loss. You may have heard of boot camps and you may have also heard of weight loss spas, both guarantee weight loss, however one is just quicker that the other.

Yes, St. Ives boot camps guarantee weight loss much faster that weight loss spas. The structure, methods and trainers deployed to achieve results of weight loss belong to a completely different school of thought. The focus at a boot camp in St. Ives is weight loss the healthy way. And once you are part of a boot camp you can be assured that you will learn to make healthy living a lifestyle. Read more on Boot Camp St Ives…