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Looking for the best and latest fitness information?

Are you bored of reading infomercials in “Fitness Magazines” that are just trying to sell you the next miracle supplement?
Want an un-biased view of all the latest information the fitness industry has to offer? At The No.1 Sydney P.T Directory you’ll find a growing list of health and fitness articles, crammed with essential information to help you achieve your fitness goals, fast!

Weight Training For Abdominal Strength
Get the 6 pack abdominal’s you’ve always wanted in no time.

Fitness Tips Book
The truth about “real world” fat loss, find out what really works.

Fitness Myth’s
You’ll hear all sorts of advice and mis-information. The the Biggest Fitness Myth’s debunked.

Benefits Weight Training Women
If you thought lifting weights was just for big guys wearing string vests you were wrong.

Beginner Strength Training Routines
If you’re a beginner to strength training, incorporate these guidelines into your training.

Good vs Bad About Supplements
The truth about nutritional supplements, what works and what does’nt.

Nutrition and Fitness Tips
Nutritional advice and fitness tips.

Personal Trainer Sydney
Fitness advice and other interesting articles.

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